Thursday, 10 November 2011


Christmas is coming up on us rather quickly, if like me you make most of your presents, the diminishing number of weeks tends to sharpen the mind and speed up the needles rather....
If you're still not sure what to make for your nearest and dearest then I have a solution, meet Coedlan.
It's a short, textured scarf held closed by a single large button, it won't curl, and works well with handspun yarn, the green version above was spun by my Mum using some batts I carded for her.
Here's a slightly less arty shot.


If I still had the sort of job where I was required to look presentable here's how I'd probably wear it, I have a huge collection of these jackets, but they definitely need a scarf in winter, but because they're close fitting it needs to be short.


It uses 140m of bulky weight yarn so it's a quick knit. If you would like to make one you can download the pattern- buy now from Ravelry.
Or, I'll be putting together some more kits for the shop in the next few days, some with batts to spin, others with handspun yarn. The kits will also come with a handmade wooden button.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Coeurs et Flocons

I've been working on this for the past 8 months, admittedly I've neglected it for large chunks of time, but even so, it's a big piece of knitting, nearly the size of a single bed.

The pattern is called Coeurs et Flocons, and it's from an edition of Marie Clair Idees. The original pattern is just knitted in red and white which looks stunning, but I'm pretty pleased with my version as well.

Also, it's heading towards the next round of Fibreholics, a UK based collection of fibre artists, we all send in samples of our work, you buy a box containing an assortment of those samples. It's a great way to try new fibres, and new suppliers. If you want to take a sneak peak of what I've sent in then take a look here.