Saturday, 6 October 2007


I know 2 posts in a day, but I need to vent!
You could say I'm having man trouble, Lex and I just had a big row. Basically we're both overworked, too tired and I'm ill. All quite a dangerous combination. Was the usual couple argument really, I'm sick of him making a mess and not tidying it up; I don't feel leaving his post on the coffee table for week is on; he hates me tidying up after him, and says he can look after himself! I'm sick of doing all the cooking and washing, and washing up, he deals with that resentment in a very manly way, with humour. And yep you've guessed it, that makes me madder!

As a result he's stormed out to the "do" he's off to tonight, with me in a most attractive way screaming "why don't you just f$%k off", I know I'm not proud of it, but read the first sentence for justification. I'll end up apologising, I always do, but christ I could cheerfully wring his neck right now.

The lurgy

I have the dreaded lurgy. So it's freshers week, lots of new germs mixing, it's to be expected! Ok acceptance over, why is my cold worse than everyone else's, I've managed to drag myself down to university for the last 2 days, but dear god, dragging myself back up the hill was horrible.
I'm sick of food not tasting, I can't even taste a cup of tea! and the snot, yeah gods the snot.... we'll stop there before the few people that read here decide never to visit again, even if for some of them I know more about their crotch than I really want, yes I'm talking to you Eliza.
Anyway I need to go and find some more tissues, and try to work out how many Guiding meetings I'm going to next week (3 I think), and actually do some work to keep up with my uni course.

So of course I'll actually watch some more TV, and wander round the internet for another couple of hours.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

According to Niobe today is De-lurking day, so if you read, please leave me a little message, it would really make my week!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Who's speeded up time

The start of today feels like it happened in a different year, possisbly even decade. Somehow today has just been too busy, PGCE today was a bit full, this afternoon was packed with useful information. I trudges back up the big hill, which I swear is getting steeper, to run straight back out again to go to Rainbows. Even Rainbows wasn't long enough. We should have had loads of time to do the activity, but we're actually going to have to finish off next week. We made recordings of them saying a short bit about themselves, eye colour, hair colour etc. and then were meant to play them back and guess who it was. We didn't finish the play back, I had promised I'd finish off next meeting, but it means taking my laptop in again, and will mean we rush next weeks activity, so I really don't want to, however I feel that if I promise them something I should stick to my word.... so at the end of that mass of consciousness what should I do?

On an even more depressing not I watched a great documentary when I finally sat down, Stephen Fry:HIV and Me. Now Stephen Fry is one of my most favourite people on TV, and he is just such a wonderfully compassionate guy. He never seems false, and somehow manages to be funny in the oddest situations. Now while he doesn't have HIV, as a 50 year old gay man he has watched many friends die of AIDS. He discussed current attitude in the UK, met a teenager who was infected at birth, but is open about her HIV status, and her attitude was just breathtakingly wonderful. he also went to South Africa and I'm still reeling from what he found out. The South African government acknowledges you get HIV from unprotected sex, but then says there is no link between HIV and AIDS. According to them having HIV is completely unrelated to the fact that eventually you die of AIDS, and even more scarily 1000 people a day die of AIDS.