Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Biggest Waterfall in Wales

We went for a walk yesterday up a beautiful valley to see a waterfall. apparently it's the biggest waterfall in Wales. We're not quite sure what makes it the biggest (is it most water, tallest biggest drop...) but it was certainly very impressive!


It was very very windy though, we ended up changing our route back down as the ridge we were trying to walk down was very unpleasant with the wind right in your face.
In a way that had it's own bonuses though as we found these pine cones. They're this years cones, and are a beautiful shade of maroon, which contrasts beautifully against the lime green needles. I'm tempted to use it as inspiration for the shop, but I fear that once spun up it would turn in to mucky sludge!
However, I think some roving in theses colours would produce some gorgeous yarn...


Mum and I have been watching these buds for the past week as we couldn't quite remember what colour they were... turns out they look like this!