Friday, 16 March 2007

Breath in, breath out

I'm having anger management issues today. I left the house Wednesday night with everything in the kitchen looking reasonable, come home Thursday night and the place is like a tip. We have a bit of a slug problem in this house, which is not surprising as my housemates seem incapable of tidying up after themselves. I must have wiped and swept up nearly a loaf full of bread crumbs, a bag full of peas, 3 carrots and I don't want to think what else. Why is it so hard....if you drop something on the floor, sweep it up or pick it up. After you finish cooking if you know you've spilt sauce everywhere wipe it up ahhhhhhhhh!
I am so fucking sick of being the only one who knows where the dust pan and brush are and how to use a dish cloth to remove the stuck on bits instead of thinking that a covering of antibacterial spray is cleaning.
Sorry you all had to hear this but Lex is away and he's my usual outlet for this kind of shit, and if i didn't express my frustration I would be losing my temper with someone which I really don't want to do.

Only an hour and a half untill I can go and pick up a minibus and my weekend of fun in Yorkshire can begin.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

The Sun is shining ...

Was up very early yesterday on one of my days off from lectures and was out climbing at 8am.... I still can't quite believe it either. It was however one of those days where the weather is just so gorgeous that being outside was an absolute pleasure. I didn't actually do any climbing but we took Lex's video camera with us....and this is the result

Todays weather is also gorgeous, so I'm off out again after my lecture with the climbing club. When we get good weather like this I'm so grateful I got organised and wrote my essays instead of climbing indoors, despite having 2 essays due in next Wednesday they're both written and just need small amounts of editing so I can climb with no guilt!

The freezer by the way, has decided to work again, I'm praying it breaks down soon, so we can have a new one and not have to check it every day wondering how much food will be ruined! For the mean time I'm not here this weekend so my food is staying safe in Lex's freezer just in case!

Monday, 12 March 2007

What's going to happen next?

Well so far today there have been 2 mini dramas....
First up I noticed that the date for my invitation to have my Queens Guide Award presented by the Countess of Wessex, and the date on the letter don't match! Seeing as how my Mum has only just booked the train tickets, deciding the extra cost was worth reduced hassle getting the date wrong would be a disaster! Luckily I'd got it right, so that was one panic over.
Second was the discovery that our freezer is broken, now I rely on the freezer big style, I bulk by and I cook and freeze lots of stuff for later consumption. For once I wasn't left cursing our landlord, he came round immediately and went straight to buy us a new one, we should receive it tomorrow. Still have to do something with all the food, but I'm brave, everything can go in Lexs freezer tonight, and to be honest I don't think a refrozen naan bread and pizza are going to kill me, and all the meat is still frozen.

Does leave me wondering what's left, in case you were wondering my cold is better, my blood pressure on the other hand!