Thursday, 15 July 2010

Nothing to see here

A big fat fail on the blogging front right now, rather than bore you with boring drivel I thought it was better to say nothing at all, apart from writing boring drivel about how I have nothing to say!
I'm off to Scotland tomorrow so expect the lack of drivel, boring or otherwise to continue, oh and then after that I'm going to America, maybe that will lead to something non-boring....

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Unexpected beauty

I had to take my car to the garage earlier this week and walked back home along the lanes and footpaths that go through the acres of allotments that surround this edge of the city.
I love looking in to the allotments, hidden glimpses through old front doors and small gaps in hedges. This flower on the other hand had escaped the allotment as was growing all over a section of hedge.

The final section of the walk takes me through several grave yards, in one area is a Jewish graveyard, at the bottom of the hill is the Catholic one, in some areas though nature is reclaiming the graves, ivy now covers the headstones, and the trees are growing back. Just how it should be really.