Thursday, 27 September 2012

Just 100g

The last few weeks have been a bit hectic. Just before I wrote the last post I went down to Pembrokeshire Guild of Weavers and Dyers for their open day (if you would like me to visit your guild with the shop, or to run a workshop then get in touch). Just 5 days later I was heading in to the Peak District to BOB the Underground festival. It was a great weekend, but all shows are tiring and the work keep piling up while you're not at home. I've spent the rest of the week unpacking, organising, and dyeing for my Best of British club. 

However, this is not a moan, just gives you an idea about why occasionally things fall a bit silent on the blog!

When I'm at shows I often get comments of "oooh it's lovely, but what can I make with 100g', so over the winter I'm hoping to make a few samples to answer just that question. I'm particularly after things that aren't shawls.

Here's one of my new samples-

 It's less than 100g, in fact  I had some yarn leftiver so it's only took about 70g of fibre. The fibre was  some of my handcarded batts containing BFL, Merino and Angora, I spun them up longdraw in to a fluffy worsted weight yarn.

The finished yarn has a beautiful halo, and yes it would be handwash only, but I think more and more parents are appreciating how to care for more delicate garments. Most washing machines now have a handwash cycle, I use it for my handknits all the time and it works beautifully. 

The pattern, if you would like to create your own version, is One Baby Sweater. I think it's a lovely little versatile pattern, that would work for boys and girls.