Wednesday, 11 March 2009


I got told today that my current school can't make a job for me next year. It's not really surprising, I was doing a years maternity cover and school budgets haven't exactly got larger. I will get another job without too many problems, without blowing my own trumpet I am good at this, and have been promised a glowing reference. It's the hassle, I was looking forward to enjoying September knowing I already knew how stuff works, without dealing with new kids and new schemes of works at the same time.

Oh well, these things happen for a reason right?

Monday, 9 March 2009

A crazy weekend

That followed a crazy week. Basically I didn't stop being n the go since Thursday. At one point there was 24 hours with no sleep and at another point I was very happily drunk and dancing like a lunatic. Actually, thinking about it, those 2 things did overlap, amazing how lack of sleep turns me in to a cheap drunk!

I spent Friday night and Saturday looking after crazy people like this, find out more about what I was really up to here

Then Saturday night doing this

Then Sunday Morning sleeping, followed by driving a minibus again to go and eat some food, then sunday night drinking....
Knitting progress is practically nil, liver damage is potentially high.