Friday, 21 July 2006

I'm never living at home again!

For this week I'm staying back with my parents while I do some work for my Dad at the climbing wall. The work part is fine, in fact better than it used to be, I think I've got more chilled out as I've got more experienced. However living at home is a nightmare, don't get me wrong I love my parents dearly but living with them, you have got to be kidding me!
Anyway I get to go home at the end of tomorrow, and get to see Lex again.
I'm guessing he's still alive but as the silly boy left his mobile phone charger at mine I have no idea. He also didn't text me his new flat phone number so I have no way of getting in touch with him. He does have my home number stored on his pda, but knowing him the battery has died on that to, either that or he hasn't thought of that! Anyway I have sent him an email, and we'll see if I get a call tonight! Would be lovely to hear his voice today.

Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Queens Guide

Well I am now a Queens Guide. I had my presentation at Upper Limits on Saturday afternoon. It was a lovely day, and was really nice to see all the people who ment so much to me back in Leek. My Mum even wanted to know if I'd paid them to say nice things about me!
The badge it self is really lovely, solid silver and a really pretty design.
I'm now back in Sheffield for 1 day only, then back home for a few days to work at Upper Limits, will be nice to have my Mum looking after me for a few days!
Anyway all means Lex and I won't be seeing very much of it other for a while, I'm going home until Friday then on Tuesday he's going home for 3 days to remind his poor Mum he's still alive (still haven't met his parents!)
Oh well at least I get a few days peace and my room won't look quite such a mess from all his stuff.