Friday, 23 March 2007

Preperation for the insomnia

Well for some reason I am doing it again, yes I am taking my Rainbows away for a night again. Now I love doing it, in case you hadn't noticed organising things and other people makes me insanely happy, so sorting out food and all the details for 12 children and 4 adults is almost as good as sex! (Note the use of almost there!), and definitely better than chocolate.
When the rainbows are awake it's fine, it's when they go to bed and I then try to sleep that insomnia hits. My mind goes in to overdrive wondering if they're all still breathing and whether the one with blood sugar problems needs to eat, and if I fed her enough before she went to bed. So all in all I don't sleep well, luckily I can send them home at 12, and go home and collapse, and start thinking about next year!
Anyway I'm sure we'll all have a lovely time, we're doing pretty much the same as last year. We go to a local working farm, and in the morning go and do farm job. I have a lovely set of farm crafts planned, with no glitter this time. Again we're making pizza dough, and last time the glitter from the previous craft turned the dough slightly sparkly! Very pretty if a little worrying!

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

This is a picture of a surfer on the largest wave in the world.
It goes up the Amazon river twice a year and is known as the Pororoca. For surfers it's huge draw, after all surfing for 30 minutes at a time just isn't possible on the Sea! Only problem are the whole trees and poisonous snakes that are swept up by the wave!
Anyway the point of this post is just appreciating how amazing our world is. I spent this weekend in the Yorkshire Dales, and while the temperatures were a damn sight colder than in Brazil the things we saw were amazing. There are some beautiful caves and limestone outcrops in that part of the UK. So while I broke down in another minibus (I've had 2 breakdown this year, all the other drivers haven't had a single one!), and nearly got stuck in a field, and didn't do any climbing it was a pretty cool weekend with lots of drinking, and plenty of banter!