Friday, 23 November 2007


my ooomf
I seem to have lost enthusiasm, for everything...
I had a good morning, in fact we had an hilarious time at our university session in teaching sex education, but then this afternoon I slowly lost my good mood, along with my get up and go. I made myself go climbing tonight in the hope I'd feel better, and I just felt a bit lost. I just couldn't sum up any enthusiasm for it, I came home early in part because I was just so cold. It's really cold here at the moment, the car had frost on it when I came out, and I just didn't have enough warm clothes on.
I've gone to bed early, and just feel so blurgh. I don't feel ill, just like something's missing, and I don't know what.

The honeymoon is over

It's official, the childrens' behavior is starting to get interesting. i will say no more here as I write under my real name so anyone could find this, but ye gods I'd rather not have a day like yesterday again!
I still have the headache this morning, actually this is becoming a bit of a theme, and it's always just in front of my eyes, so I think new glasses and contacts and a trip to the opticians is in order, though who knows when I'll get time to sort that out. I've been at the church Hall on each of the last 3 evenings sorting out CRB checks, and while it only takes half an hour, it just takes such a chunk out of my evening. I have no idea what I'm doing with my Year 10s on Tuesday as I want to wait and see what they actually know.....
Right best get ready for the biggest waste of time in my week- my day in university.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

and breath

Things have calmed down a little since last time I posted. Teaching is actually going really well. I seem to be getting to know the kids, and so far no one has said a bad word about my teaching. Long may it continue, but being realistic I know that eventually I am going to have one those lessons from hell!
I seem to be getting my head round being DC, I have got the database working, and we might even have found a secretary. The 4 session was fine, though it was on Friday not Thursday, so a slight wasted journey there. My essay is I think done, at least it's at a standard where it can go in and I'll actually be able to get feedback that will help me.
Last night was the fancy dress party with all the climbing club, it was a really good night and very much needed. I'm not even feeling ill today, which is nice, though I know my brain cells aren't quite all firing. Anyway here's picture of me in my fairy costume, taken just before I dropped Lanas camera on the floor, and jammed the lens, and possibly killed it!

Todays projects have been finishing off my essay (done), looking in to getting a bigger hard drive for my laptop (seems achievable, and not too expensive, and buying things to make Christmas decorations. I've fallen in love with these stockings and this advent calender. All I need to do now is find time to make them!