Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I'm staying

In my current location that is. After 4 job interviews I was finally successful, next year is going to be a challenge but I'm looking forward to it. It also means I get to stay in the same place as all my friends, and close to my family. Now I just need to find somewhere to live, ideally close to a tram sop as I can actually catch the tram to work! Oh yeah!
Only 2 days until the holidays and as we are currently going through a silly season I'm very grateful. I would rather not stand out in the rain during another prank fire alarm again.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Let's Play

From Meridian Ariel

1. What is your last name? I'm only saying it begins with W!
2. A 4 Letter Word? Wild
3. A Boy’s Name? William
4. A Girl’s name? Wilhemenia (anyone know any more?)
5. An Occupation? Welder
6. A Color? White
7. Something you wear? Waterproofs
8. A Beverage? Wine (ah wine, how I love you!)
9. A Food? White chocolate (lame, I know)
10. Something found in the bathroom? Water
11. A place? Winchester
12. A Reason for being late? World War Three
13. Things you shout? W*@*$er (it popped in to my head, I have no idea why!)

Play along if you like, copy and paste, change your answers and leave me a comment!