Friday, 30 March 2007

Off on holiday

I'm going for a week in sardinia, the flight leaves this afternoon. I'm busy looking at the pile of bags trying towork out if I have everything and praying they're under the weight limit (likely they're not, please let the check in person be nice!) Problem is that all the heavy stuff has to go in the hold, ropes and karabiners are apparently a bit of a no no in hand luggage do to the possibility of threatening and tying up the cabin crew. That means the only extra weight you can really put in hand luggage is clothes, and they take up more space than is allowed in hand luggage....ahhhh!
Anyway I'm sure all will be fine, and if it's not it can turn in to an adventure like the minibus breaking down and then getting stuck! So please pray for nice weather I really want to get some climbing done, which requires no rain!

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

In which I'm being incredibly lazy

I'm really enjoying this week so far. It's nice as i have enough things to do to stop me being bored, but not so much that I'm not getting a nice rest. So what that its 11am and I'm still in bed, I have a relatively small list of things to do and they'll get done! Biggest job is going to the library, now I could get some books out to take on holiday next week, but I have decreed this holiday to be a work free zone!

I still need to pack, and worry how I'm going to cope with the 15kg luggage allowance from Ryan Air, but apart from that I'm chilled about the holiday. The hire cars are booked (big worry earlier this week), I've booked the airport parking, have my passport etc. got the currency, and everything seems to be under control. Having said that we'll probably arrive at the airport and all will go very very wrong! At least if I'm expecting it it can't be worse than I was expecting.
At least we have insurance in preparation for someone breaking their leg!