Friday, 14 August 2009

More tears

This has made me cry. If you're not a knitter it might not mean much to you, but just the act of investing all that time in something as a gift is enough to make anyone teary.
All those women by the way are the knitting equivalent of Premier League Footballers, they're best selling authors, and very clever women.

I'm off to Pembrokeshire for a week, I hope to return with recharged batteries, and a sense of peace from the place that truely is heaven on earth.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


My Grandad died on the 13th of July, he was 83. He'd been on holiday in Spain and fell and broke his hip. He never recovered. The memorial service was last week while I was in Switzerland. I was told he'd died while on the school Duke of Edinburgh trip while half way up a mountain. The whole thing seems completely surreal. I never imagined him dying yet, he'd been partially blind for 10 years, and had a brush with cancer of the oesophagus but was as healthy as you could hope for in someone who was 83. I never dreamed he's die yet, he was my last surviving grandparent and I can't believe he didn't get to see any of his grand children get married or to see the birth of any of his great grandchildren.

He was never an affectionate Grandad, and definitely not the sort to look after my brother and I while my parents went and did something. He mellowed in old age, and while he never said he loved me I know without doubt that he did. The reason I'm writing all this now is that today I went over to his house my family and met up with my Aunty who has come over from America. We went through the boxes in the loft, and it was so tragic how little there was. We saved a couple of things, but so much has gone to the charity shop. In a lifetime he collected very little in terms of value to leave behind for us to remember him by. However I have got my Grandma's wedding ring, she died when I was 2, aged just 60. It's not worth very much, it's only a couple of millimetres wide and 9 carrot gold, but has a simplicity that I love.

It's taken until today for me to realise that he was gone, that he wouldn't need another pair of hand knitted socks this Christmas, and that he wouldn't be able to tell us inappropriate dirty jokes while drinking a pint of his beloved beer. He used to let me and my brother have a drink from his pint if we were good, I always thought he'd be around to do the same to my children.
My Grandad's favourite tipple was whisky, which I can't stand, but I have got a glass of sloe gin to drink to him.
Rest in peace Grandad, I hope there's a good pub wherever you are.

Monday, 10 August 2009


A brief selection of my photos from Switzerland. We took 26 Guides and Young Leaders and 7 adults overall it was an amazing trip, the weather to start off with was a little damp, including hail storms and thunder and lightning. By the end of the week however it was warm and sunny, with amazing views from the tops of the mountains. We shall gloss over the 24 hour coach journeys, and being pulled off the coach to go through customs at 1.30am, apparently home office instructions are that all youth groups must go through customs in case they've been on terrorist training camps....

Hghlights have to be the views from the top of the Schilhorn and watching a group of teenage girls relax and not worry about what they looked like, and what others were thinking about them.
Scottish dancing

Abibe Kandersteg by Oeschinsee Lake

The views from the top of the Schilthorn

Gorge on the way to the Woodcarvers

Swimming Pool in Adelboden

Oh and apparenly when we next go I might be organising it.... (PS. I also found a wool shop, and yes, I bought wool!)

Sunday, 9 August 2009

I'm back

I've arrived back safely from Switzerland ahead of schedule. the RSS feed reader has been caught up with (111 blog posts), and 139 emails have been read or deleted!
I still haven't opened my bag, I still need to shower but I have had an all important cup of tea. Photos are going to be forthcoming.