Thursday, 4 June 2009

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging silence with the following news

Yes I know, I'm not posting much right now. School isn't so much busy but is turning in to a list of things to do rather than teaching. It's report season, and I seem to be spending hours sat at a computer. I'm also moving house in less than a month (even though I've packed all of 2 boxes, that somehow also seems to be a good excuse!)]

Anyway I finally did something with the pile of knitting that was waiting for a wash and a block (blocking is when you pin stuff out and stretch it, it evens out all the stitches if you're a non-knitter)

One row handspun scarf
This dreadful photo is one row handspun scarf with some of my handspun. It's 3 ply merino, 2 ply's are white and one was a variety of colours.

Tangling Leaves and Vines scarf
This Travelling vines and lace scarf knitted up in the sea glass lochan that came in the solid club a few months ago.

Long awaited leg warmers
and this is a solitary alpaca leg warmer. There is a second but I knit it first on smaller needles and realised it didn't go over my calves...

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Things that are making me smile today

My creation
Top left- I love this pattern, I love the alpaca, I knitted the first one and couldn't squeeze my calf in to it, went up a needle size for the second and it now fits (admittedly I have to reknit the first one, but c'est la vie!)

Top right- Aloe Vera was created to soothe the many scratches I have over my arms after chopping down a blackthorn tree yesterday!

Middle Left- I found Fight Club on sale in the supermarket for £2.99, Brad Pitt for only £2.99, bargain!

Middle Right- Someone decided to send me a skein of Croft yarn from The Yarn Yard. I'd expressed my longing for some over on the Ravelry forums but what with needing to pay deposit and rent on my new flat and pay for a trip to Switzerland I knew it as going to have to wait. I think I know who sent it, but whoever you are thank you so so much,

Bottom left- Banana bread in the oven. I cam back from a visit at my parents to find some spotty bananas that needed using. It's a pity that the oven burnt them, but that's another reason to be cheerful, in 1 month I will no longer have to try and cook in an oven that has burnt everything I have ever cooked in it!

Bottom right- The sun is out, and after all, the world is always a better place in the sunshine!

Also, I go back to work tomorrow, strangely I'm looking forward to it.