Friday, 8 May 2009

A proper British pass time

Barbequing in the rain I mean, yes I am off to a barbeque tonight. I'm not quite sure how many clothes to wear. And no I don't mean shorts or trousers, I mean shall I put long johns on under my jeans.... it's not as if anyone would see them....
While I decide I'm deadline knitting on the lace shawl you can see to the left, I have 12 rows left and want to wear it on Wednesday, there may be late nights ahead.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Biblical torrents

Of rain mostly, though maybe also beer after the hangover I had on Sunday!

This is what the campsite looked like on Monday as we decided to pack up and go home.
In contrast this was the sunshine on Saturday.

I have yet to work out how to dry my tent, it's the big green one in the top photo, I'm praying the forecast for Thursday isn't lying so I can hang it on the line while I'm at work.

I promise to try and blog a bit more, but last week was a bit manic. I had 2 job interviews and then of course was off to the Lake District on Friday night. Can you forgive me!