Saturday, 24 December 2011

December 24th

I'm old school when it comes to advent calendars, they end on December 24th, after all we get plenty of excitement n the 25th.
I'm also traditional when it comes to my advent calendar blogposts. I always finish the posts with a bit of a request.
In this most commercial time of year, take a look at the world around us, appreciate how wonderful it is.

We live in a beautiful planet, do your bit to help. Walk instead of drive, buy less stuff in packaging that can't be re-used or recycled, volunteer your time to help others less fortunate than yourself.

If you can't do any of that, and feel like Christmas has been generous to you and yours maybe spare a bit of cash for your favourite charity. You may have your charity of choice you donate to, and that's fab, but if you've enjoyed the last month of posts then I'd love it if you donated something to the p/hop project, there's a little widget over on the sidebar to the right, and all the money goes to MSF, a charity who I trust to spend my cash wisely, to help as many people as possible.

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