Thursday, 22 December 2011

December 22nd

Today I'm going to share a couple of my photos, Meg is your classically beautiful border collie, and she loves the snow.
This is her and Gwen last December, when they had a whale of a time in the foot of snow we got.

We had some of these pictures made in to cards to sell on our market stall in Machynlleth, Meg goes with us, and people get a bit of a shock when they realise the dog peeking out from under the stall is the same as the one in the cards!

Meg and Gwen love playing in the snow and while this year isn't looking like being a white Christmas, here's hoping we get some snow, because I can't wait to watch them playing.


  1. She's beautiful - they both are! :)

  2. Beautiful photos! We visit Machynlleth quite often but haven't had chance to lately, I miss it!