Friday, 2 January 2009

Pay it Forward

This idea has come from Sam over at The Life and Times of me, it seems like a lovely way to start 2009.
Simply if you are one of the first 3 people to leave a comment here I will hand make you something, quite what it will be I don't know yet, it might involve knitting but then again it might not. If you get lucky then you agree to pay it forward and make the same offer to readers of your blog. The gift can be of any price range and you have a whole year to make it. Don't be shy, form an orderly queue and no pushing!


  1. Just popped by to pay a reciprocal visit from woolgathered.

    This is a nice idea - and I can't believe that your post is sitting here all lonely with no comments!

    I think that I am up for this and for the other giveaway. I like giving stuff away :-)

  2. I know, I love giving stuff away to, i do it quite often. If anybody else pops by I am deadly serious about giving stuff away.

  3. Erm.... cough! Am I too late?!
    Excuse for being late to party: dead laptop. Severely curtailed blogging time. Comments now a bit of a luxury, but I'm still out here!

  4. i feel cheeky asking for anything else, i won the "heroes and villains comp" :)

  5. Sorry Abi, plumbum, shosh and hairyfarmerfamily have got there first. If you guys could email me so I have your email address to get in touch when the time comes that would be great. hilltopkatie at gmail dot com