Monday, 29 December 2008

The bottom fell out of his boat

If you hit refresh a few times, or if you just got lucky on the previous post then you'll have seen a few pictures of a rather broken boat. We found this on the last day on a beach quite close to our cottage. We think it had been wrecked during the dreadful weather that Scotland had a week on Friday, as the engine was still leaking fluids, and everything looked very fresh. The only thing that had been taken out was the electronic equipment in the cockpit, even the brass propellors were still there. We think the people responsible will be back to salvage more after Christmas week ( we were there on Boxing day).


He must have hit the rocks with the propellor still running, as you can see from the scrape marks. We followed the path it must have come in over as you could see marks left on the granite rocks.

Ship wreck

The ship was called Boy David and we've tried to find out more about it but with no luck. It must have been a terrifying experience for whoever was on the boat. A real reminder of the power of the sea.

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