Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Settling down

As nice as the holidays are it is nice to be back in to the routine of work in the daytime and relax in the evenings. Work so far is going ok, No major panics, and when I think back to the teacher I was back in September the difference amazes me!
It's also meant that I now only get time to knit in the evenings, not that this seems to be stopping me. I'm part way through a pair of socks for me, a lace scarf which will be for Christmas next year, and last night I knocked up these. Panic not Mum they're not for me, they're present for someone at school whose wife just had their first baby.
Saaartjes booties

PS. Don't forget about pay it forward, sign up if you want something made by me, there really can't be only 1 taker!

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