Thursday, 7 February 2008

Over acheiver

No I didn't get the job, however I do have another interview on Tuesday, and there are so many jobs out there that I am feeling ok about it. Or rather I am convincing myself I am ok about it, there are times when being an over achiever for all of your life comes back to bit you!
I have never really been rejected or failed at anything, yeah I didn't get in to study veterinary science but that was more to do with the sheer number of candidates, followed by me changing my mind for the second attempt, but apart from that I achieved every target I set my mind to, including passing my driving test first time.
I know I'm not a failure, they complimented me on teaching a very good lesson, on interviewing well, and generally being a nice outgoing person, who they would have loved to have had 2 jobs so they could offer both me and the successful applicant a job. As they took nearly 3 hours to come to a decision I am inclined to believe this.

Anyway, your normal cheery service will resume tomorrow, don't forget it's fix-it-friday!
and on the bright side I got half way through my 2nd sock, I feel justified in eating pizza for tea, and I am looking forward to a nice long bath,and I am going home for a week to see my Mum and be looked after... but crikey it's at times like this I wish I lived with someone else to console me!

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