Friday, 8 February 2008


Hip hip hooray for fix it Friday!

This week I am in a celebratory mood as I have just finished for a weeks holiday! (Well in a loose term, my Mum muttered something about Dad wanting me to do some climbing instruction tomorrow, and I know I will be spending 2 days safety checking all the equipment, and I have 1 day which is a job interview, and I have an induction session to run at the Guide Activity centre where I work, I have lessons to plan for next week, more job applications to fill out....), ok so maybe not a restful holiday but a change is as good as a rest..... right???

Today fix-it-friday is in keeping with my light hearted mood, and is purely a bit of fun. I introduce the wonderful Jenny B and her site Allsorts. While it is the site where I got the idea for my fabulous advent calender from, it s also the home of some wonderful activities that she has designed herself. I particularly like the decorate a gingerbread house, so much safer than having all those sweets for me to eat!

Have a wonderful weekend, if I don't manage to post in a while it will be because I've got my feet up with a drink being looked after by my Mum, or more likely I'm working my fingers to the bone....


  1. While it sounds like your time off might be a bit shortened, your post was again, absolutely FABULOUS! Thanks!