Monday, 4 February 2008

Do Not Get...

This meme comes courtesy of Niobe at Dead Baby Jokes.
Basically you just list 10 things you just don't get-

1) why some children are incapable of coming to school with a pen, pencil and ruler, that will preferably work all day

2) what I am going to teach at my job interview on Thursday (gulp!)

3) the Office

4) Vegetarianism, sorry I know that may upset some people, I just don't!

5) Why heeled shoes can't be magically more comfortable.

6) Why people on Facebook feel the need to invite me to add every single pointless application?

7) Why I had to spend 3 years doing my degree

8) How my freezer can be full of food but I want to eat none of it.

9) People who put everything in the fridge, there is a reason we make jam out of fruit, it's to preserve it.

10) Mustard

Basically if you like the sound of doing this then leave me a comment and go ahead.


  1. Haha on Number 9. I refer to our freezer as the "delayed disposal system" because way too much of that food is stuff I felt guilty about tossing, and yet didn't want to eat, so I told myself, "I'll freeze it, and we can eat it some other day."

    And then after 2 years when it's completely freezer burned, I finally just admit the inevitable and throw it out.

  2. I'm completely with you on #8. And, of course, #10.