Sunday, 13 July 2008

More tour stuff, and a long day

All weekend I've been working. Today has been at a mobile climbing tower at a Outdoor sports festival in Sheffield called Cliffhanger. I've spent all day putting on and taking off climbing harnesses and my fingers hurt!
However despite the aching fingers I have managed to cast on for my Nether Garments tonight (finally!). I've not done as much as I wanted as I've also had to do some computer stuff, but now they're started I've stepped in the right direction!

Here's a quick photo, the colour is very wrong as it was taken in the dark and I can't get the camera flash to come on???

Here's also all the yarn I've been sent to do in between the special colourways I talked about yesterday. A big thank you to Natalie, Sussex Yorkie, Northernlights, and Jammam.

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