Friday, 11 July 2008

Tour de France Knitalong

Ok, now I'm back from holiday i need to get on with this! The tour started last Thursday just as I went on holiday! So far I have worked out what I need to knit and have the yarn to knit it with. The project won't get done in the remaining time which is why I signed up for the Yellow Jersey, as it means I don't have to complete it!

The yarn I'm mostly using is a special colourway made for the tour by Natalie at the ever wonderful The Yarn Yard There are 2 different colours, one is subtly variegated and inspired by tarmac, the other is plain and is bright green, called Germolene because after all a good Tour would not be complete without a few crashes. I'm also using scraps of yarn kindly donated by other people, hopefully I have enough, I'm aiming for colourful and a bit random, if you want to send me any then feel free, email me at hilltopkatie at gmail dot com, it does need to be superwash and preferably have some nylon content though please.

I've not wound them yet, that's the job for tomorrow evening, after all I need to use my brand new home-made birthday present Swift!

(Yes I know it needs a bit more assembly, I was in a rush yesterday night!)

Anyway, we've been set an intermediate sprint by the organisers, this feels slightly like cheating as technically I haven't cast on, but I promise it will happen tomorrow! We've been asked to share more about your project, why have you chosen it, and how does it link to the tour.
In case you've forgotten I'm knitting Nether Garments by Elizabeth Zimmerman from her Knitters Almanac (that's a Ravelry link I'm afraid, sorry for any non-Ravellers).
To me they're a prefect cycling link, after all think of cyclists you think of tight fitting lycra. I used to have an ex-boyfriend who was in to road biking so know how this obsession with skin tight clothing goes! Wool shorts would be a little impractical, but a pair of wool leggings that I can use as thermal underwear in the horrible British winters would be highly useful. Some cyclists who aren't real men also ride in full length leggings to!

Let's hope however that I look more like these men

and less like these...

Except you know, without the inconvenient anatomy!

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