Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Ok some time soon I promise to post about something about knitting, but I'm very proud of my progress so far.

I'm 8.5 inches in, and have started the calf shaping. It's going really well, I've even done a stripe of both of the special tour colours.
Here's a quick picture-

It's taken on my web cam so not the greatest quality but you get the idea! most of this progress was amde at my first ever knit night which I've just got back from.

All day today and tomorrow I've been or will be teaching climbing outside, I've been getting up at 7.00 each morning to get over to where we're climbing. Hopefully tonight I won't have the trouble I've been having of just not wanting to sleep! I'm looking forward to my day off on Thursday as I need to get my room organised, while everything is out of boxes some stuff is still in piles, which is making me very messy. If it's not tidy to start off with making myself tidy up what I've just arrived back with is very difficult!

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  1. hey - this blog post only has two exclamation marks - well done to you!

    And also well done on the knitting - it's more than I've ever done! (drat those exclamation marks)