Wednesday, 16 July 2008


At the moment it seems I can't visit a blog without it talking about Blogher, while I'm a bit mystified about what it exactly is, who can go there and why you'd want to it has inspired a really good meme. Carmen over at Mom to the Screaming Masses has posted about a meme where you type your name in to Google and list 5 facts about people with your name that you find as a result.

1) The top link is to an Australian singer who I really hope never makes it to the UK as it's all a bit rubbish and teenage angsty!
2)The next is to my actual user profile on UKClimbing
3) The next is a Facebook link to someone who isn't me
4) Another one is to a diary I wrote for our local radio station during my 2 months trip in Thailand (which I still need to tell you guys about, I haven't forgotten!)
5) It also appears that someone with my name works for a corporate finance firm.

What about you, what do you get when you type your name in to Google? Leave me a comment or write a post and let me know.


  1. Ha - this is rather interesting, I think that I may have touched on this topic a few months ago - but should definitely go a post like yours on GoogleHer!! (and yes, too much BlogHer going on at the moment!)

    The majority of google links are for a rugyby player! (Hmmm - not me!), then there's someone on bebo - not me! There's a jazz player, but mostly it's all about this rugby player who must be quite well known as there's loads of links for him! (he plays for England I believe!)

    I finally appear on a google page 10 in the minutes of a meeting in 2003. At least my personal identity is fairly safe seeing as there is another very well known me!! ha ha!

  2. Hey, thanks for doing the GoogleHer! Too, too funny!

    Carmen, mom to the screaming masses

  3. Hi, found you on the ICLW list,

    I am with you on the whole BlogHer thing. I am too new at this to have a clue about what is going on. It does seem as if everyone had a fantastic time.

  4. Hahaha, I love things like this. What is this Blogher thing? I must go look that up next. But not before I google myself.
    Let's see:
    My other selves are --
    Australian author (s?) - one listing is for the Sydney Morning Herald's obituary editor.
    Marketing assistant.
    A French girl on facebook.

    ... I think I'll blog this, too. Thanks!