Sunday, 16 December 2007


I've just finished tidying up after Christmas with all my university friends. I have no idea how many people I ended up feeding but I do know that there is no food left after cooking 2.5kg potatoes, 1kg parsnips, 1.5kg of sprouts, 1kg of carrots, 600g broccoli, 1kg Leeks, 48 sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing and a turkey to serve 8-10 in supermarkets large portions, a trifle made with 2 pints of custard, 1 pint of jelly, 2 swiss rolls, 500ml cream and 2 tins of fruit, a 1 kg Christmas pudding, 500ml brandy cream, and a mountain of cheese and crackers!
Anyway it was lovely to see them all, and really got me in the festive spirit (we won't go in to how many bottles I have just tidied away!).
I'm still working on the new blog, it's taking me a while to copy and paste nearly old posts, when it's all done the archives will be deleted from here, email me if you want to know where I'm moving to.

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