Saturday, 1 December 2012

Wooly Christmas

I've just finished putting up my Christmas decorations. They're pretty minimal, and long time blog readers will recognise them from previous posts.
The Christmas music is on, and I'll be wrapping presents as soon as I finish writing this. I'm using brown paper this year, tied up with leftover bits of handspun, and the tags printed from here.

There's rather a lot of wool going on in my decorations. This advent calendar is made from wool felt, just stitched up round the edges and then a number embroidered on the flap. Slip in the sweet treat of your choice, and when you open it take out the patterned disc so you know where you're up to. The pattern is here

This is my nod to a Christmas tree, it could do with a little more stuffing as the poor things is a little dumpy, it nestles nicely next to the phones, and hides the dust on the Freesat box nicely! Pattern here

And finally my growing collection of Christmas stockings. Two are hand sewn and embroidered the rest are knitted. Now who can I persuade to fill all of them with goodies on Christmas morning?

Speaking of goodies, dates for Christmas posting
Asia, New Zealand, Far East, Australia- 5th December
Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America, Middle East- 7th December
Eastern Europe, USA, Canada- 10th December
Western Europe- 12th December
UK- 18th December

Though if you wanted to point a relative in the direction of something, then you could always try my handblended club. Signups have just opened and you'll get a parcel of wooly goodness at the start of January, February and March. Or there are gift vouchers available here. 

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