Saturday, 15 December 2012


This was the fibre that went out for the handblended club in August. It was inspired by the Mawddach estuary, just down the road from our house. I wanted to pick up the magical murky swirling colours you get as the river enters the sea. It also picks out the tones of the gorse bushes in the foreground. 
Coming up with this blend was a challenge, there are so many beautiful shades, but I've found the key with blends is to keep things simple, trying to include too many aspects of the inspiration doesn't produce as harmonious a blend. 
One of the key things I do when I'm working on a blend is to sample, drafting blends colours further, and a smooth yarn often looks very different to the original fluffy fibre. 

Here's a skein of the finished yarn, a subtle blue, with hints of brown, a colour that will go with lots of things, and look good when worn by lots of people. 

Things have been a bit busy round here as people do their Christmas shopping, there are going to be quite a few new spinners over the next few weeks. Hopefully in the New Year I'll be able to be a better blogger, and post here a bit more often.

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