Monday, 26 November 2012

Out of the fog

The last couple of weeks have been going past in a bit of a blur, Christmas is coming, and with it the (very welcome) up turn in sales of Learn to Spin Kits, and general bustle that we all get at this time of year as social occasions come round as a welcome distraction from the weather.

This weekend I decided a day off was in order so took myself off to my friend Katherine. As the crow flies she lives about 15 miles inland, of course this being mid-Wales the route doesn't go as the crow flies and the drive takes a surprisingly long time.
The weather in our valley was beautiful for a change, and unusually as I headed inland the fog rolled in.  Normally the opposite is true, our valley is the first hills that the weather fronts hit as they come in off the sea and we get the corresponding amount of rain.
As I got near to Katherine's house, driving up the narrow country lanes, I emerged out of the fog.

Of course with in the next half hour the fog had carried on rolling up the hill, and we spent the rest of the day in the gloom, such is the way of living in the UK in the winter, I'm already ready for spring, or at least a bit of snow. 

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