Monday, 16 February 2009

A shopping trip

No not for clothes sillies, though that is happening tomorrow, I am in desperate need of some new underwear after teaching has caused a not inconsiderable weight loss. The boob fairy came and visited but has decided not to stay!

This shopping trip was far more fun, I'm visiting my parents for the week and they live close to The Threshing Barn so we nipped over to get some fibre in preparation for a couple of people wanting to play on my wheel.
We bought this
Blended Shetland
Some blended Shetland, 100g for £3
BFLSome natural BFL 100g for £2
Threshing Barn Merino silk
Some blended merino silk, 100g for £5, I'm really looking forward to spinning this.
We also bought this to have a go with, 35g of White Faced Woodland for £2.
White faced woodland
This feels a little coarser than the Shetland and BFL so we will see what it's like spun up.

Coming up, a photo of the tree's we chopped down on Sunday, Dad is being dispatched with a camera tomorrow, and Mum and I attempt dying....

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