Friday, 9 January 2009

Getting busy

Can't you tell I'm back at work, the posts have all but disappeared!
It's Friday and I've done the first week, only 5 more to go as it's only a 6 week half term (does happy dance!). I've been out a few nights as well this week, though it's been nice not doing Rainbows this week. Last night I went out to the house of a friend I met at my knitting group, which is being kicked out of our lovely cafe, the owner doesn't want to stay open late any more so we are going to be come slightly more nomadic... but it does mean we will probably stay later than 9pm, so I suppose more knitting and chatting time.
I've finished my first lace project of the year which will also be my first Christmas present. I blocked it yesterday so plan on taking photos tomorrow in real daylight, something that's in short supply right now. How I long for summer and days where it's light until 9pm...

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  1. your first Christmas present?! Blimey, you're organised!!! Mind you, my middle brother wants a double quilt so I had better get started otherwise he wont get it until 2010!!