Monday, 24 November 2008

A fun day

i have had a really good day. One of those days where nothing (touch wood) has gone wrong and that I really think the pupils have got something out of!
My Year 8's actually allowed me to go through their test without me loosing my voice shouting (turns out none of them can do chemical formulas but this is why we give them tests!), my Year 7's had me in stitches talking about reproduction. In answer to "How do animals reproduce?" one said that the male gets on tops of the female and they do "things".... I did have to fight to keep a straight face! My Year 12's vaguely did some work and actually seemed to appreciate that they are getting some revision lessons, though they're not entirely getting the hang of the actually answering the question part... Still it makes for funny staff room conversations.
Then my last lesson was with a group of Year 8's who for the past 10 weeks have made it very clear that they much prefer their other teacher. Today though we had a great time. They have just finished 3 modules and have had a test, for the week while we mark tests and work out who needs to move up or down sets we're doing a fun week. Today we had to a container preventing an egg from breaking when dropped! I ended up knelt on a stool on the side bench and we still couldn't break the eggs from some groups. It was great to be able to relax and not worry about them learning anything in particular at the end of the lesson!

To end on a touch of realism Tuesday are always a dreadful day....

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