Thursday, 27 November 2008

Heroes (and villains)

Last night I was at a fancy dress party with the uni climbing club. We shall not go in to my costume here, it was a joke that you need to know certain people in order to get...
However we shall go in to the costumes of others.
High Peak Club fancy dress
Here's a taster, that would be my younger brother and our chairman.
High Peak Club fancy dress

Now here's the deal, i have a set of photos from the night that you can find in here, I want you to identify as many characters as you can. When you think you have them all (some are UK cartoons so if you're american you may need to get googling!), send me an email with the complete list of all the characters you can spot. The email is hilltopkatie at gmail dot com

Winner gets a choice of prize, if you knit then you can have a ball of sock yarn your choice of this
sock yarn or this Sock yarn and I might throw in a few other goodies.
If you don't then after Christmas I will knit you a pair of these, colour will be my choice I'm afraid in an effort to use up all the end balls of sock yarn I have.

Edited to add that the deadline is Sunday 14th December midnight UK time, please feel free to tell others!

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