Friday, 21 November 2008

Christmas is coming

The Christmas knitting is continuing apace, so much so that I have a certain level of confidence that it all might get done! (Though Dad you might have to watch me knit your socks while we're on holiday, at least they'll fit!)
I'm starting to get excited about Christmas, so I thought I might share a little of my anticipation with you. Thanks to Bloggers post on the date you say feature I'm going to set up a bit of an advent calender on here. What will be in each post will vary, just like the content on this blog, I hope you'll enjoy it.

PS. I've written all the posts in advance, if a picture doesn't appear because it's moved I do apologise.

PPS. Thanks Sam, If any of you want to join me in this that would be lovely, so far I've used video, websites, how-tos recipes and pictures, who knows what else

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  1. sounds good to me. By the way - the photo for December 4th looks good!! (it appeared on my feedreader when you published it for a nanosecond!!)