Monday, 25 August 2008

See you in 2012

I'm a massive Olympics fan, the week before I went on holiday was a week of televisual joy for me! If it's on I'll watch it, there are some sports I'm not so keen on, but I love being able to watch sports on TV that you only ever see during the Olympics. Of course it helped that Team GB had a hugely successful Olympics, 4th the medals table only behind Russia, USA and China is amazing, 19 Golds and 47 total medals is unbelievable. Admittedly most of them came in our traditional strong sports like Sailing, cycling and rowing, but you know what, I don't care!
During the Olympics I have also had my own little personal challenge organised via Ravelry called the Ravelympics. We had 2 weeks, casting on at the lighting of the flame, and finishing when the flame went out to knit something from scratch. I completed mine so received my winners medal!

The photo isn't going to be posted here as it is also my first Christmas present for somebody, though if you're truely desperate to see it I'm sure you can work out how (look right).
I'm about to start some blog fiddling, who knows what will happen!


  1. I'm not a sports fan but I'm a HUGE Olympics fan! I was complaining to my hubby last night that I'll be in Olympic withdrawl now that they are over. :(