Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Holiday pictures

If you don't want to see some pictures of my holiday feel free to move right on, however most of them are now up on friends Facebook pages, so I can now steal them and put them here, 1 set is still m.i.a but I'll forgive him as one holiday is just not good enough for this friend, he had to go and go on holiday immediately after this one!

This is what Pembrokeshire should be like in August, blazing sun, blue skies and sparkling sea.

However it looked like this most of the time, and it's a sign of how much I love you guys that I am willing to post this here, I really am not that chunky in real life, I just had 2 coats on, yes 2 coats, in August.... wtf?

The 2 coats were needed as we had weather that decided to do this...

For some perspective, this is the same harbour wall from last year at what is probably an hour away from high tide, neither me, or my parents have ever seen waves breaking over this wall before. Amazing what a strong wind and a high tide can do!

It led to waves breaking over the cliff tops, which we discovered when we went to look at the top of the crag we had been climbing on and a wave broke over the top of our heads!

We were standing at the obvious top in this picture.
My younger brother got a hard climb done (which I then followed him up), he always sticks his tongue out when he concentrates! Bless!

And to prove I did some climbing here's one of me, not climbing something quite so hard!

And finally a picture of what we did when not climbing, kite flying, or not in my case, it looked like hard work, and I like my feet to remain attached to something solid!

Woah, this is going to be a long post! Thanks Ginger for taking some lovely photos, and thanks guys for an awesome week despite the rain, who knew you could cram so many people in a 2 person camper van to escape the wind and rain!

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