Sunday, 10 August 2008

I'm probably the last to know about this

but what the heck!
I've just been pointed towards a site called Post secret. From what I can tell it's an address where you send in a captioned postcard admitting your secret to someone anonymously and the card is then loaded on to a blog. Some of these cards are funny secrets, I particularly liked "I steal new rolls of loo paper from hotel rooms when I wipe at home I relive the memories of being with my married lover"
Some however are really sad " A few years ago I thought"Maybe if I get sick I'll know who my real friends are" then I got cancer"

However this one made me smile

I'm off to make banana muffins then I'm going to the park with friends. Have a lovely sunday.

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  1. I've looked at Post Secret for quite a while now. Not all postcards are put on the blog as some go into books and others onto the facebook site, etc. Some are so sad. I wonder how many people send postcards to him.