Saturday, 9 August 2008


The camp I went to was in Northamptonshire and called Bounce, my Mum commented when she saw me today that I seemed really up-beat and happy, and I am, going away for a week, away from the phone and email gave me a chance to escape for a while and not think about anything more than eating, sleeping and teaching climbing.

Anyway I've uploaded my photos, and thought I'd share a few. I took my own knitting to camp, but one of the activities was also chance to teach the Guides to knit with the aim of making a charity blanket. I had to cast on a few squares, and fix a few mistakes but didn't get chance to do alot as it was at the same time I was teaching climbing. Blanket knitted at Bounce camp
There was also a stained glass window we were painting, which ended up being really beautiful.
Bounce stained glass window
Then of course there the outdoor activities, I was running climbing on the oldest mobile climbing tower I think I have ever seen, they also had bungee trampolines, shooting, archery, and a huge bouncy slide. The girls got to do so many more things but I was so busy running the climbing I didn't get chance to see.
Giant slideClimbing Tower

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  1. Dear God, that slide looks terrifying!