Friday, 15 August 2008


I go away on holiday tomorrow, cue manic baking to make yummy things to eat while we're away. I've made a batch of the cookies I've talked about before here, and also tried a new recipe for Oatie biscuits from Natalie at the Yarn Yard
I'm not going to repeat the recipe here as part of the fun is how Natalie has written it out. However I will share a quick picture, and say that they're yummy.

Yarn Yard Oatie biscuits

Todays to do list is as follows- Go shopping for food to eat on holiday, call in at the club kit store to borrow a couple of things, go pick up contact lens's (is that how you pluralize lens?), pay cheques in at the bank, place electronics on charge that are coming with me, pack, and plan the route we're taking to drive there.

Not much then, had best get up and get on with it!

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