Friday, 27 June 2008


Well NaComLeavMo is over, and I completed it successfully. Of the 200 blogs on the list I visited all of them, and left comments on most. I've also loved having a few more comments floating around here. It was such a success that Mel who ran it is going to turn it in to a regular thing. Instead of it being for a month it's going to be for a week every month, which should make it a little less insane!
If you're interested, sign ups open on Tuesday, just head over to Stirrup Queens and there will be a way of signing up. I'll be doing it again.

Best get a move on, I'm off to guide camp for the weekend and need to get some stuff done before I leave!


  1. Wow that's impressive. You visited all the blogs and left comments! I only managed about a third of them. I really enjoyed it too - both the giving and the getting comments - but mostly meeting new and cool bloggers.

  2. Wow!!! I didn't even get to visit everbody!! Well done you! I'm exhausted just thinking about what you did! (and what you are going to be doing this weekend!)

  3. Hi Katie,
    Sorry to leave you a comment here about that card... the Mrs. Darcy cardy? I can't find your correction, could you e mail it to me or link me?