Wednesday, 25 June 2008

It's been a while...

I thought it was time for some knitting pictures again, as I was amazed on how many people commented last time. 
Those of you who keep an eye on the tickers at the side will have noticed that what I started to call the green socks of doom have disappeared!

Socks are not meant to be this big... my first knitting disaster. Caused in part by the pattern being a bit too big (confirmed by other people as well as me), and my inexperience, and my refusal to buy needles smaller. It's been frogged (unravelled) and will be going on holiday horse riding in Ireland with a new destiny as a lace sock for Seasons of Lace

The Honeycomb vest of doom is still going.... slowly but it is getting bigger. I still love the finished product, just not knitting it. I have to make myself do a few rows before I'm allowed to do fun stuff!

This however is what I'm most proud of. It's my first lace shawl, and is also my first Christmas present for this year. I originally thought I might want it for myself but it's not quite my colours, and I know someone who it's perfect for. If I can persuade it to be long enough. I've nearly done the first ball, and it's still wider than it is long. I think it might just about work out... but it might be touch and go. I've been promised that blocking it will do wonderful things!

Todays work will focus on finishing my simple sock, it's ready for the heel flap and the rest will fly by, though I might leave it after I've picked up the stitches to take to Guide camp this weekend, and then I need to keep going with the lace! I might have to wind some skeins to, something I had been trying to avoid as I'd asked for a swift for my birthday from my parents.

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  1. I admire your persistence in doing that honeycomb vest. I did a fisherman's knit sweater once that had a honeycomb section and it drove me nuts. I can't imagine doing an entire sweater's worth. But it looks great!

    And yes, blocking turns lace from a sad crumpled thing into a thing of beauty. It's like a small miracle.