Tuesday, 27 May 2008


I'm having a bit of a blogging blank. My life is pretty dull right now. I'm in university for the holiday week and it is meaning that i have quite a bit of free time but not very much excitement. All my friends are busy doing university exams so really don't have the time to be out doing exciting stuff!
Anyway in the spirit of trying to keep this place fresh for all my new visitors I felt I should write a post, this will however require a bit of work on your part! I'm probably very guilty of leaving out key details when I write posts and forgetting that you guys don't know me in real life, so do you have any questions, anything whatsoever?

In the spirit of openness I'll answer anything,

as long as it doesn't involve giving away my bank account or credit card details!

Come back tomorrow for some answers.


  1. Hi Katie! I'm here via NaComLeavMo (and your comment). Ok, so here's my question, "What is a Rainbow Unit?"

  2. Anything? You may regret that!! In the spirit of the above question I ask you - what is your Rainbow leader name!!? (that may elicit a few laughs!!)

    And another question for you - North or South? I mean are you a Northerner or a transplanted Southerner and do you prefer the North? Just asking!

  3. What is the best trip abroad you have been on and where would you really like to go?

    I kept it clean, go me!

  4. Hi Katie, I'm here from NaComLeavMo.

    The asking questions idea is a great one.

    Here's a tame one for you- what would you like to teach and what age group?

    Oh, and I love the name of your blog, very clever and appropriate.

  5. Hi! I'm here from NaComLeavMo, and thanks for dropping by my blog! It is nice getting to know so many people you may not have otherwise...no questions yet, I have to read more of your blog first before I can come up with any questions. : )

  6. I haven't read your entire blog, so excuse me if this is a dumb question, but I'm curious: can you tell where a British person is from by their accent? I've always wondered if it was really that much of a giveaway as I've heard.

    Good luck keeping up with blog entries, I find that I'll just have random thoughts and blog about it (witness my latest entry!!).

  7. I wrote a piece on my blog a couple of months ago titled Bo-ring, Bless-ing. It's also posted on blogher. Anyhow, I've come to find the not exciting times in my life when I'm caught up in the routines and schedules, to be a blessing because when excitement happens it has tended to be drama or trauma with those around me or a promising romance that ended up not working out after all for a # of years (until 6 years ago when I started dating the man who is now my husband).

    My question is - have you done something that turned out to be a mistake but that you would do again if given the chance?

  8. I wrote a post called "bo-ring, bless-ing" on my blog and on blogher.com. When my life has been routine, dull, nothing exciting happening, I've learned to embrace it - because when the excitement hits, it's usually in the form of someone else's drama/trauma or a love that might work out but didn't for nearly 20 years (until I met my now husband 6years ago).

    My question for you is: have you done anything that ended badly/poorly that you would do again if given the chance?