Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Ok I promised you answers, and answers you shall have. though first I swear that I need to start leading a more exciting life, even one person who knows me in real life could only come up with a question about the best place I'd visited abroad (seriously A, after all we've been through and the potential embarrassment you could cause you only came up with that!)

Anyway my answers-

What is a Rainbows unit?
Rainbows are the youngest members of Girlguiding UK, basically they're 5-7 year old girls, the equivalent of Daisy Scouts in the USA.

What is your Rainbow leader name?
I'm sorry to report that my Rainbows call me Katie. I couldn't think of a name I'd want shouted at me in the street so I decided that all the leaders having their first name was for the best. The leader I took over from was called Bluebell however.

North or South?
There are beautiful parts of both, but I think my heart is Northern. Before I came to university I was more of what you'd call a Midlander, I've never really wanted to be one, but my home town is in the very northern limits of the Midlands, so I transplanted quite easily when I moved North to come to university. My heart is very firmly in my current city, I love living here, and have built my life here, at the moment I can't see me moving away.

What is the best trip abroad you have been on and where would you like to go?
This is really hard, I've been to so many awesome places. I spent 2 months in Thailand, it was my first time away from my parents and I think it really helped me grow up. I wouldn't say I'd repeat it now, but at that time in my life it was the best thing I could have done. I think it helped that I was there with a purpose and working at a gibbon sanctuary. I don't think I could have done an aimless gap year wander, I need to have purpose in my life! (In fact I think I'll write another post about this with some pictures at a later date during NaComLeavMo.) I also had a wonderful time bouldering in Fontainbleau this year despite some less than great weather I had a blast with some really good friends. I've also had some really great holidays sailing in Greece (maybe I'll get my Mum to scan in some photos for me to post), backpacking and sea kayaking in British Columbia (again maybe in another post I'll go in to more details.)
As for where I'd like to go again that's tricky, I'd love to visit the northern parts of the USA, I love reading Knitting Iris because the photos she posts of the countryside surrounding her are so beautiful. I think I'd also like to go to Egypt but only if no one else was allowed! I'm not too fond of lots of the touristy options, I enjoy my solitude too much, but I am blissfully content in the UK, I really don't have much of a wanderlust.

What would you like to teach and what age group?
I'm three weeks away from qualifying as a secondary science teacher, secondary school in the UK is for kids age 11-18. Officially I am a Biology specialist, however in practise I'll teach Chemistry and Physics as well until age 16, only specialising for A-Levels (16-18).

Can you tell where a British person is from by their accent?
(And no it's not a dumb question!) To a certain extent yes, I sound very vaguely northern. There are some people who are very clearly identifiable as from a certain city, or area, others like me just sound Northern or southern. You can pick out a Geordie, or a Scots person, or most Welsh people (I say most as one of my friends is Welsh and doesn't have the accent!), Yorkshire is also quite obvious as are some London accents. As you can tell it's quite complicated, a bit like many things on this wonderful little island!

Anymore questions?


  1. I thought I'd be nice to you for once. And yes there are lots of things I could have asked that would make you go as red as a tomato.

    I'd love to go to British Columbia. One of the few places that I really really must go on holiday to soon. I actually didn't remember you'd been there, I would love to see some pics.

  2. Hmmm - so you didn't have a daft Rainbow Leader name then!? Perhaps that's not such a bad thing!

    P.S. I too have added you to my feedreader - in fact, my bloglines account is getting fuller and fuller every day!

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog! How did you hook up with the NaComLeavMo thing? Also how do Rainbows get on with Brownies? Is it pistols (or a good non-violent equivalent) at dawn?

  4. I just had to come back and tell you how hard I laughed at your comment on my blog.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog..

    and today, I learnt a lot about you and where you come from.

    will be coming back to read more, for sure.

  6. Visiting from NaComLeavMo. Thanks for sharing about yourself. I have some good friends from England (live in the US now). My favorite vacation was to London when I was 19.

    Climbing always seems scary and dangerous to me. Have you had any scares?

  7. Hmm... Nothing wrong with a real name, however- when I was a Girl Scout camp counselor for several years, I took the name Wednesday. It was fun (although I was younger). It's funny, I still have a few good friends from camp and we still call each other by our Girl Scout nicknames.