Thursday, 29 May 2008

More answers...

Wow the questions just keep coming.
Here are a few more answers, I promise I'll do a post about something else soon. I've fried my brain in the beautiful sunshine we've had today (well the half pint of cider is also making me sleepy) so I'm not up to much more than this!

How did you hook up with the NaComLeavMo thing?
I found out about it via Eliza at Doolittle and just thought it seemed fun. also with not belonging to any of the blogging communities I've never had many visitors before.

How do Rainbows get on with Brownies?
Just fine actually, I think we run Guiding in the UK a little differently than you do in the US with Girl Scouts. In my Rainbow unit are 15 girls aged between 5 and 7, at the end of every school term I pack a couple who have turned 7 off to Brownies, and at the start of the next term I take a couple of new 5 year olds. Most of the Rainbows can't wait to go to Brownies, like all kids they want to be big and grown up, and to them the Brownies seem so adult!

Climbing always seems very scary and dangerous to me, have you had any scare?
I'll come out and say this right at the start, like a lot of rational people I am scared of heights. I don't like being very high up and looking down! However I do love climbing, but most of the time when I climb I'm concentrating so hard on what I'm doing I don't notice the height. In the style of climbing I do (ie. not mountaineering) I'm more likely to get hurt in a car accident than I am get hurt climbing. We are a really risk averse society but all think nothing of getting in these metal killing machines on a regular basis. Having said that yes I have hurt myself once, this was the result.

That was after two weeks on crutches and regular icing and using a compression bandage, my ankle is still a little bit dodgy now, but I gain so much enjoyment from climbing I'd never not do it.

Have you done something that turned out to be a mistake but that you would do again if given the chance?
I think I can honestly say no. While I have made mistakes I would change most of them, but none of those mistakes have been so disastrous that I have major regrets about them. I hope to continue in this manner!

Ok come back tomorrow for Fix-it-Friday where I will share with you some sort of wondrous tip, or website and point you towards Jo for some more good ideas from her and her readers.


  1. ooooh owwww that looks painful! Never tried climbing myself - might to give it a go one day!

  2. I'm over from NCLM.

    OK. That injury looks plenty painful! It's cool that you like climbing. I'm am inside person, so that would not be for me. :0)

  3. Ouch that definitely hurt!I am here from NCLM. I picked up on it from Mel at Stirrup Queens!

  4. Hi Katie, & thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm enjoying reading some of your posts, & that gorgeous photo in the header!! Have a great weekend!