Sunday, 11 May 2008


You might have noticed (along with the redesign) a new icon in the side bar. I've decided via Eliza to join in with NaComLeavMo because I don't get many comments and I do love it when I get them, also I want to expand my blog reading horizons.
Basically I'm pledging that each day I will to go to 5 blogs off the list of participants and leave a comment, I'll also respond to a comment left here by going to that persons blog and commenting, if I don't have a new post (quite likely at the moment) then I'll pick an extra person off the participants list. It starts on May 25th!

If you want to join in you can go here and sign up.

Best go, I'm outside all day teaching climbing, haven't made any lunch, or packed, or even got out of bed yet! Have done breakfast because after all I do like my food!

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