Friday, 9 May 2008


First of all, and unlike Jo I intend to shout about this from the the roof tops, I got a job today whooooo!

Second is todays fix it friday post. Todays fix it post takes the form of a plea, and a chance to fix someone else. If you've seen my page on facebook you might have realised that I donate blood, in fact I've donated 10 pints since I started at 18. Donating blood can make a huge difference to a huge number of people. That 1 pint that I donate takes me about 10 minutes, it makes a huge difference to a huge number of people as the blood is often split in to different parts. (Here comes the science), platelets can be used to help people who have trouble with their blood clotting, plasma is a straw coloured liquid that the cells float around in, this has loads of uses. Cancer patients often receive transfusions to help with their quality of life, as well as everyone who has an operation and needs a transfusion.
It really doesn't hurt that much, and requires very little effort, after all you get to lie down for most of it!
If you're in the UK you can go to The National Blood Service website here. They also have some pretty cool games.

PS. Why has it taken me 6 months to notice my header is missing a "the" and please if you spot another daft mistake like that, tell me!
PPS. I've fixed the header, and decided that I needed a more summery look, the one you see is temporary as I'm not happy with the colour scheme, however when I'm very tired is not the time to meddle with html! come back tomorrow and hopefully you'll see something a bit more coherent and springlike!

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