Friday, 16 May 2008


Yet again it's fix-it-friday, and yet again I have no idea where the week has gone! It really has been panic round here, I have less than a month until my course finishes and lots of things going on. Added to this I'm also loosing things, has anyone seen a folder containing nearly £500 of receipts in?

Thought not, I could really do with it as well, and it would appear to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

Today we've been marking exam papers from Year 10 mocks in school, I thought I'd share a favourite from todays batch.
The final part of a question about volcanoes asks why people might want to live near one. A pupil answered-
"Really, you mean people WANT to live near volcanoes?" (Insert spelling and grammar mistakes of your choosing to produce near illegibility!)

Anyway last up is Fix it Friday, today Im going to share a tried and trusted recipe for making victoria sponge.

100g Self Raising Flour
100g Margarine or butter
100g Castor sugar
a splash of vanilla extract (not that nasty essence stuff)
2 eggs

You can increase in 50g intervals for every egg you add. To make 2 20cm diameter sponges to then sandwich together with jam or buttercream I usually use 150g of each ingredient and 3 eggs.
To make up you just beat the sugar and margarine together until light and fluffy then lob in the eggs and flour and continue beating. To cook the oven needs to be about 180 degrees centigrade and it takes about 20 minutes, sometimes longer but check after 20 mins. It's cooked when it's pale golden in colour and when you prod the top it springs back up.
This recipe is pretty much infallible, and despite what people say about sponge cakes they're really not hard. Sorry for teh lack of a picture, but I'm away for the weekend so don't need to have a sponge cake sitting around!

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