Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Camping weekend

So I'm back from teh weekend, the house has been tidied up, all the washing has been done, and the mud scraped off. You could say it rained a bit on Sunday, but I prefer to believe that the puddles appeared magically so I could splash about in them in my stripy wellies!

Yet again it was an awesome weekend. I even got some climbing done (though yet again there is no photo evidence of this!). I went shopping in Keswick so got to update my wardrobe which is a good thing as it's suddenly got warmer and it's now about 25 degrees! I also went for an amazing walk and found some really cool disused mines. In true club fashion we had 4 torches between 6 of us, forgot to say exactly where we were going, and didn't sign out despite disappearing down small holes for most of the day! However they are possibly the most awesome set of mines I have been in to. They stretched in to the hill for ages, and led in to some huge caverns.

Anyway here's some picture goodness, I'm off to wash up and have a shower before going out to sit in a ber garden with some friends.

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